Why should you start a startup?



Starting a startup is a bold and exciting journey, but it can also be an intimidating undertaking without the right resources or support. Starting your own company comes with challenges that can include a lack of capital, limited knowledge in business acumen, uncertain customer demand, and the fear of failure. But those same challenges are what makes starting a startup so rewarding—you are taking charge to launch something from nothing into something extraordinary. You get to shape your own market destiny under your terms—not someone else’s. With hard work, dedication and creativity you have the opportunity to build something truly special that could make a profound impact within your industry. So why should you consider starting a startup today? Let’s explore some of the key benefits…

You could be the next big thing!

History is replete with instances where startups have changed the course of history through their impact on the way our world works. Entrepreneurs intensely hustle to make their ideas or vision materialize and operate in a manner that unreal things begin to become a part of our daily lives. From Instagram to Airbnb, all these startups that have become an integral part of our lives today began just as an idea not knowing that they may revolutionize the world in less than a decade! One must capitalize on the opportunities around by taking that gigantic leap of faith and making it happen!

Transforms your career

It is always a great feeling to secure a 9 to 5 job, given that it assures you a specific income, standard working conditions, social security, status and more. But, as you venture into the field of starting any business or a startup, challenges may seem insurmountable at first, but in reality, they are your gateways to building something new, genuine, innovative and original. These challenges will propel you to move towards accomplishing the unthinkable because as you break any humungous task into small and practical steps, they become relatively easy. When it comes to changing the path of your career, the simple answer lies in the fact that you change your league from a mere job seeker to a job creator. The stock of available jobs in the market will always be limited but when you begin your startup, you not only help many young people hone their unlimited talent and capabilities but also help in boosting the overall trade and economy

You become the problem solver

Every successful startup is backed by a strong reason to improve people’s lives or rectify a problem area. The old saying that, Need is the mother of all inventions, certainly holds for any idea to incubate into a potentially groundbreaking one. As a problem solver, you often need to be creative to bring out the best possible way to resolve an issue or challenge. At the same time, keeping an analytical approach that helps you weigh its potential risks will assist you to take a calculated risk. Working independently and having the zeal to begin an initiative or enterprise will determine your success and prowess in the long run. If quickly adapting to changes and working in a fast-paced ecosystem appeals to you, this is certainly your playground to experiment, learn, explore and earn.

Allows you to interact with successful people

Not everyone is blessed with the association of accomplished and evolved individuals because you do not find them easily or next door. Every successful person has at least once in their lifetime stepped out of their comfort zone or bubble. When we follow the crowd, we may miss building strong and influential connections. These connections not only help us to grow in our careers but also as progressive and good individuals or beings. When you start a startup, connections matter a great deal! To make your idea work, you need the right mentorship, guidance and human capital which comes with one-to-one interaction. So, stepping out of your comfort zone to create something big, will come naturally to you if you are truly passionate about your startup idea. Over some time, as you attend or participate in investor and business conferences or events, your network will expand exponentially giving you a whole new perspective on life and the industry are a part of.

You will be your boss

The fact that you will have the liberty to take decisions for the benefit of your startup sounds like an enticing proposition but, it inarguably comes with immense responsibility. In a startup or enterprise of your own, you can always choose to do the unconventional by moving against the mundane life that most corporates function on. For instance, you can experiment with innovative and distinct work conditions like the 4-day work week or work from anywhere which saw a rise in its acceptance and popularity post the pandemic period. You can build a carbon-neutral workspace with eco-friendly and energy-saving lighting or ventilation. All these ideas see the light of day only when the leader is driven to experiment with new and unique ways of operating a business. As an employee, you hardly have any scope to experiment or do something out of the box but your startup gives you all the leeway to accomplish or execute them.

Enhances your earning prospects

There have been people who have a rags-to-riches story to share after their startup became successful. Starting a startup can improve a person’s earning potential by providing you with the opportunity to generate income from your ideas and efforts. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who may have limited opportunities for employment or who are looking for ways to supplement their existing income. Beginning your startup journey, by working hard to achieve your goals will surely reward you with a sense of personal fulfilment and the exciting potential to move towards long-term financial success. However, it is important to keep in mind that starting a startup also involves taking on significant risks and requires a great deal of hard work and dedication. When your initial struggles convert into glorious days, you become an inspiration and idol for all.


So those are some of the reasons why you should start a startup. Of course, there are many more reasons not listed here. But these are some reasons should be enough to get you thinking about whether starting a startup is right for you. And if you’re convinced that it is, then what are you waiting for? Get out there and make your mark on the world! And if you need help getting funding for your new venture be sure to contact Mission Unicorn.

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Why should you start a startup?

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